Happy Festivus!

Here’s a little something I whipped up for Festivus. Happy Festivus 2008!



It makes a great gift

If you are wondering this Holiday season what to get a coworker who has everything…except for a clue about what a brand is (he still thinks it’s just a logo), then this may help.

It’s the new paradigm shifter!

Paradigm Shifter

Paradigm Shifter

It also makes a great gift for those who think that marketing means only sales or advertising. Hurry, operators are standing by!

Who would you like to see get this under the tree this year?

Happy Thursday everyone!

If only…

The scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz sang about it. Pablo Picasso has a great quote about it. The group Hason wrote a song about it (did I really just link to Hanson??).

“If only”…two words that are full of regret, wishful thinking, Monday morning quarterbacking and other heavy anchors only there to prevent us from opening our eyes to what we have and taking action.

Cut the “if only” ties that bind you by looking forward, being grateful and doing what is in your power (or better yet, create more power for yourself). I know I am working really hard on this.

Off topic rant: semi-professional rubberneckers

Every time traffic is backed up due to a minor fender bender, I come to the same conclusion – – we need to have a special, separate lane designated for those that feel compelled to gawk with wide-eyed stupidity at the dented doors and fallen fenders of a minor traffic accident so that the rest of us are not stuck in miles of backed up traffic.

I say let’s just give them some parking spaces on the side of the road where they can stop and take pictures. And while we’re at it, let’s throw in a roped off section where they can take up sides and debate the issue of who was truly at fault.

Just a thought. Now back to your regularly scheduled program…

Cruel to fool or rules the school?

What do you think?

Hat tip to Boing Boing

In case you ever need it

Fresh from my trip to Disneyland, these helpful hand washing tips from Brawny (sorry for the poor quality photo):

  1. Wet hands and apply soap.
  2. Scrub hands and rinse.
  3. Dry hands thoroughly using paper towels.

I always mix up the order, so thanks Brawny! I had to take a picture just in case I’m ever at a public restroom outside of Disneyland and I need a crash course in hand washing.

Happy Monday!

Another law

To every action there is an equal and opposite marketing campaign.