Flash of Insight: Definitions and purposes

A flash of insightThe definition of a business is an entity that makes money. The purpose of a business must extend well beyond this minimum threshold. Never confuse definitions and purposes.

Flash of Insight: Principles over policies

A flash of insightEmployees who are schooled only in company policies will never learn. Principles make for better teachers. That’s why Principles rule the school.

Flash of Insight: Calling shotgun

A flash of insightIn reality, your customers are driving your brand. The best you can do is “call” shotgun.

Flash of Insight: Service

A flash of insightDon’t make your customers scream for ice cream or serve anything to a customer in a cone of silence.

Flash of Insight: Stunts

A flash of insightRelying on marketing stunts to increase your business only stunts your growth.

Flash Insight: Don’t make me mad

A flash of insightI’ts been some time since I posted, so I thought I would ease back into it with a short post.

Rabid customers multiple faster than any rabbit ever could.

Flash Insight: Attraction

A flash of insightStop trying to “woo” customers and instead focus on trying to “wow” them.

Flash insight: “No” thyself

A flash of insightThe more you “no” your customers, the more you “no” yourself.

Flash insight: free trials

A flash of insightFree trials:
Without the “right to experience” we are “left to appearance.”

[Note: these “quick thoughts” post are a tribute to two of my favorite marketers – Chris Wilson with “Simple Ideas” and John Moore with “Tasty Nugget.”]