Are we still not getting it?

Here is a pic of a new billboard I snapped on my way home from work:


All I can say is “Yea, it swallowed it by first guzzling down a bunch of gas.”

Am I missing something here or do the Big 3 auto makers still not get it? Is this the messaging that we should be using at a time like this? What am I missing?

2 Responses

  1. Not in defense of the ad creators, but you’re not the target audience, are you? There are truck types (both genders) and mine-is-bigger-than-yours types, and they get this billboard and probably hit their steering wheel and yell “Hell yeah!”

    And those that own or lease any truck like this need to be enticed to want THIS one… or to justify their owning this one… It’s not bad advertising when it’s viewed by it’s target audience.

    (Remember, half the country voted opposite both of of!) I’m always stunned when I remember, but they say it takes all kinds ~

  2. @TheGirlPie,

    You’re right. I think reminding us of it’s size is so 2007 (pre bailout). But I am not the target market.

    Anyone out there that does fall in the target market? Do you think this messaging is exactly what you need to hear now? What do you think?

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