Seinfeld on Marketing: focus


With finite resources of paper and ink, newspapers had no other choice but to limit what it wrote. It was an age of focus, brevity and editing.

Today, the Internet pushes the boundaries and anyone can consume or produce as much content as they please. And this is good…for the most part. But in an age with limitless information, we sometimes lose focus.

But today more than ever we need focus in our companies. Focus on your core, make your offer brief and edit out what isn’t working.

Happy Friday!

This post is part of a weekly series, Seinfeld on Marketing.

One Response

  1. Good point Bill!

    I was just saying something similar on a podcast today, ie that the process of writing a book, forced me to sift through all my speeches and random musings and ideas and focus on what I wanted to stand for, what I wanted to be known for, what my signature message was to be.

    I never really thought of it exactly how you put it, but it’s true. We can ramble forever on the Internet (don’t you wish you’d put a 25 word restriction on comments right about now?),
    but I can’t run to the bookstore and scribble my new ideas into the margin of my book.

    I think it’s brilliant how you’ve found a filter for all your marketing ideas through the Seinfeld lens. You’ll never be confused with anyone else and isn’t that what this is all about?
    Author, Step Into The Spotlight!

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