Flash of Insight: Valuing employees

A flash of insightUnappreciated employees will never appreciate in value.


6 Responses

  1. Wow – so witty, and true (maybe these days more than ever).

    FYI, of all your blogging, I look forward to your Flash Insights the most. They always do the trick. Thanks.

  2. Brett,

    Too kind!

  3. Very True. The backbone of any businessis the employees. Look forward to your next Flashof Insight.

  4. Bill thanks for your insight! Being a numbers person, I always try to make an equation, which I am not sure in this case is possible!

  5. Chris,

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Karrie,

    Hmm…let me think of something for the numbers people out there:

    If i(E) -> 0, then FV(E) < NPV (E)

    In other words, if the interest in Employees (E) approaches zero, then the Future Value of Employees is less than the Net Present Value of Employees.

    I’m sure that is not mathematically sound, but maybe I could be graded on effort 🙂

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