Make ads that match your story

We’ve all seen ads that try to stretch the reality of the product (infomercials anyone?)

This, in my opinion, is because not enough has gone into the story of the product and the ad is left trying do all the heaving lifting (and we all know that ads do a terrible job persuading consumer loyalty to a shoddy product).

When it fact, it is your story that has to do all of the heavy lifting and the ad is simply there to help reinforce the story (like a great cover on a remarkable book).

But advertisements that do work match the story we already have in our heads, like the iPhone (or most anything Apple).

Take a look at this clever ad from Nintendo advertised on YouTube (be sure to watch it all the way through) – a hat tip to Techdirt.

I love the Wii so it matches my story of the Wii. Does it match your story of the Wii? Are you less, the same or more likely to buy this game or a Wii? Why?


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