3 things to truly change your business

We hear it all the time – “You’ve got to be different to make it in today’s business world.”

In other words….

Be a Zagging, Purple Cow in a Blue Ocean (a gold star on your forehead if you understand that phrase).

“BUT HOW?”, lament many frustrated companies. It seems like you make a product and BAM! 3.2 seconds later someone else has a similar product or service only cheaper. You open a store and while on your lunch break your competition has moved just down the block. I’ve found it tough (impossible?) to compete on the old 4 marketing P’s of Product, Place, Price and Promotion.

Okay, so maybe the 4 marketing P’s aren’t dead exactly, but they do seem so one-dimensional and base.

So what can we compete on?

I propose the much more dynamic and hard to copy 3 P’s – Passion, People and Promises.

  • Passion. Thinking beyond 9 to 5. Daring to dream beyond this quarter’s profits. Inspiring beyond the walls of your store.
  • People. Not pogs, but people. Real people with real hopes, desires, passions (see above) and fears are everywhere inside and outside your organization. Open your eyes and connect (I mean really connect) with people. See their potential and help them expand their vision.
  • Promises. Make promises and keep them. Do more than what is merely expected. Dare to be bold, dare to do what no other has done.

Sadly, most companies stop after the traditional 4 P’s. Many don’t cross the great chasm carefully crafted by the few great companies that use Passion, People and Promises to their ultimate advantage and differentiation. It’s the difference between Southwest Airlines and Delta, between Build-A-Bear and Toys-R-Us and Cold Stone and Baskin Robbins.

Make it happen for your company this Monday morning.


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