You’re gonna have to…

So there I was minding my own business in my local video store when it happened. I wasn’t trying to cause any trouble or disrupt the status quo. I had (or so I thought was) a simple question for the clerk. But after waiting my turn in line, she said:

“You’re gonna have to talk to her (pointing to someone else in a totally different line). She’s the manager on duty.”

Yep. I got the “you’re gonna have to..” line. Sometimes we don’t even notice it because we hear it all the time:

  • “You’re gonna have to call back later when someone is here to help you.”
  • “You’re gonna have to stand in that line (pointing to the longest line).”
  • “You’re gonna have to face it, you’re addicted to love.” (I couldn’t resist)
  • “You’re gonna have to fill out these forms before I can process that for you.”

And why does the “you’re gonna have to…” line always mean extra work for the customer? You never hear:

“You’re gonna have to sit down right here in this comfy chair, have a nice tall glass of lemonade and listen to the soothing sounds of Kenny G while I take care of that for you.”

(Okay, maybe the “Kenny G.” part ruined it for you but you get my point, don’t you?)

What’s your best “you’re gonna have to…” line? What is the craziest one that you’ve heard? What should we use instead of this line? Should someone be fired for using this line on a customer?

What say ye?

4 Responses

  1. You’re gonna have to upgrade your plan before you can do that. And you’re gonna have to talk to customer service about the process for upgrading.

  2. @Chris,

    I’m with you on upgrades. It kind of reminds of trying to sell back your college text books. It seemed like even buying the brand new addition of a text book, by the end of the semester the book had been “upgraded” with some additional content and thereby making it so you could not sell back your newly purchased “old” book.

  3. Somehow, somebody, asked for a loan and gave MY mobile number as a reference. They never checked out until that person stopped paying the loan.
    They started calling my mobile at the worse times (sunday morning, 6:00 am in the morning, 11:00 pm at night…). When I told them that I’ve never heard about the company or the person befor they gave a “you’re gonna have to be patient, because the calls will continue until we find her”.
    And the calls continued until I changed my number!!!

  4. Adriana,

    That’s an annoying “you’re gonna have to…” story. Be grateful it’s over. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

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