26 reasons why I love marketing

I must confess that I wasn’t always in love with marketing – in college, there was another. I started out as Architecture major in college (who didn’t?). After some time, I realized that it wasn’t for me. But I still wanted to find something that allowed me to be creative yet use my passion for improvement as well. That is when I bumped into marketing. And boy am I glad I did!

Let me tell you 26 reasons why I love marketing:

I love exceeding expectations * It’s never dull * There’s no better way to have a dialogue with customers * It’s better than being an accountant (most of my family members were or are accountants!) * It’s action oriented (It even ends in “ing”) * It’s full of profound surprises and insights * The best people I know are marketers (though I’m a little biased) * Cheaters don’t win here * It forces me to look outside of my own opinions * It allows the remarkable to bubble to the surface * It’s the best way to relieve a consumer’s pain * I can do it in my pajamas * We all need it * It uses the left and right sides of my brain * I can annoy my friends and family with marketing geek speak * I’m more forgiving of other company’s mistakes (at times more critical) * When done right, it’s very powerful * Having a dialogue with customers makes me smile * There’s so much to learn * I understand the phrase “Having a Purple Cow who Zags in a Blue Ocean * It’s better then being beat with a bag of oranges * It offers plenty for my brain to do * You get to participate in tribes of loyal consumers * It’s everywhere * Spreading ideas is so cool * I get to be a writer, producer and storyteller

Tell me, what are your reasons for loving (or hating) marketing?

Happy Monday all!


3 Responses

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  2. dear all
    support singer

  3. i love marketing because i get to meet new people but other wise it doesn’t passionate me! yet am a marketer

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