My broken afternoon

Let me tell you about a couple of “broken” things I saw this afternoon on my way to do a couple of errands.

Wal-Mart SignFirst, a visit to my friendly, neighborhood Wal-Mart. They had a 100+ word advertisement about survival kits on the sliding door as you walk in. Not only is it way to long to just glance at it while you walk inside but even if I wanted to stop and read this declaration-of-independence-sized ad the darn thing kept moving every time someone moved in front of the door sensor to go in! Broken.

Gas Pump ScreenNext, a visit to the poor house (gas station). For those of us who are above 6 feet, the gas pump screen can be a very hard thing to view. To make sure I pressed “yes” (as proof to my grandkids that gasoline “in my day” was merely $4.25 a gallon) I had to scrunch down and line up the “yes” arrow with the right button so that I didn’t press the “no” button by mistake (okay, I’m lazy). But why not just make the “yes” and “no” on the opposite sides of the screen? (and while you’re at it, allow me to press any button on that side – here’s my very crude mock-up)? Broken.

What broken things have you seen lately?


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