Seinfeld on Marketing: Colliding Worlds

Hey all! I decided to go with the patriotic theme of “independence” today (seeing how it’s Independence Day here in the U.S.).

In this episode of Seinfeld, George is explaining to Jerry why his girlfriend cannot infiltrate the sanctuary of his other “world” with the gang. Like a Junior Mint and an open body cavity, “Relationship George” and “Independent George” should never come in contact with each other!

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Try as he may, George never could keep his worlds apart. Many businesses are trying to do the same thing but the Internet is making this awfully difficult (if not impossible).

Take for example Comcast. The “Relationship Comcast” says “Here at Comcast, providing excellent customer service to you is our #1 priority.” But the “Independent Comcast” is falling asleep on some guys couch.

Or AOL. The “Relationship AOL” says “we are happy to help you” cancel your account. The “Independent AOL” makes you say the word “cancel” 21 times before they take you seriously.

With social media and the Internet, your worlds cannot stay separate for long. But why even try? Instead, claim freedom from the exhaustion of being a two-face by delivering on the Customer Experience instead of building up the Customer Appearance. You’ll thank me later.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

This post is part of a weekly series, Seinfeld on Marketing.

2 Responses

  1. A George divided against itself CANNOT STAND!!!!

  2. hey Bill, a George divided against itself cannot stand..yes one of my all time favourite George scenes.


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