Seinfeld on Marketing: Changing the default of customer service

It’s that time again. I think I may have used this video to prove some other point, but I’d like to use it again for something else. In this video, Jerry and Elaine are at Worthy Rent-A-Car (what a great name!) to pick up a car reservation:

How many times have you seen the “supervisor” gimmick? “I’ll have to speak with my supervisor” are nearly the first words out of some company’s mouths. Sadly, these companies use the supervisor role as a barrier – a barrier from the hassle of dealing with customers.

You see, dealing with customers can be a messy job. So these companies think it best to simply sprinkle in some non-sympathetic supervisors and handful of half-baked policies to mange the customer experience.

This practice is so common in retail stores to used car lots to calling customer service, that we can’t help but laugh at this example because we’ve all been there. Like a new DVD player constantly flashing 12 o’clock, bad customer service seems to be the default setting of business out there. But we can change it!:

Make promises. Over-deliver. Stop gossiping on the sales floor. Say, “I’m sorry.” Talk and act like a human. Connect with other’s emotions. Return phone calls. Listen more, talk less. Spread happiness. Delight someone. Give a hand-written note. Smile. Solve a problem. Act. Reciprocate trust. Above all…do no harm.

Happy Friday!

This post is part of a weekly series, Seinfeld on Marketing.


2 Responses

  1. hi Bill, i must admit i was very excited to see a seinfeld + marketing ebook. I love ‘Seinfeld’. George is my hero and I’ve believed for a long time that all marketers should be Seinfeld fans. Full of insights. Thanks for this. I’ll share on my blog.


  2. Paul,

    It’s great to see another fan of Seinfeld. Seinfeld On Marketing eBook was simply a mashup of my 2 loves. Thanks for stopping by!

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