Your logo is just a container

Lately, I am hearing more and more often about how cool it was that Nike only spent $35 on its swoosh logo. Great, but that is not the real story.

A decade ago, one of the founders of Google created an electronic version of their logo by himself after poking around on a freeware program. Again, not the story.

The real story is what Nike and Google did with their logos. For Nike, $35 could have been $34.76 too much and Google’s logo may have simply been time wasted had they not inspired the world with something remarkable to talk about.

Quite simply, a logo is a container for meaning. The amount you spend on your logo is not as important as what you do to fill your container full of meaning.

Happy Tuesday!

7 Responses

  1. Great thought.

    I see it all the time. “We need to do something to step up our game. Lets redesign our logo, perfect our packaging, etc.”

    But all this tinkering on the body of the vehicle does nothing to drive the company where it wants to go. More often than not, it’s what is inside the company that needs to be redesigned first.

  2. Man Bill — you deliver more useful nuggets to think about and act on in 9 lines than most posts can do in 200! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Chris,

    Why do you think there is all this tinkering with the body and not the inside – fear of what they might find, afraid of the work involved, a belief that a new paint job truly will make it run better, enjoy work on the aesthetics or something else?

  4. GirlPie,

    I do what I can for the environment by not consuming 191 lines of needless marketing speak. J/K. Thanks for the compliment!

  5. Great insight, by both you and GirlPie.

    I think the other big key of success here is that neither Nike nor Google has changed their logo. They’ve not only put really good stuff in the container, but they’ve also stuck with the container long enough to make sure we all recognize that’s where the good stuff is.

  6. Brett,

    Great point. Constantly changing your container will only confuse and befuddle (I just couldn’t resist saying “befuddle.”)

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