2 ways to over deliver on your promises

Over delivering on your promises to your customers can be a very powerful thing. As I see it, there are two ways to over deliver:

  1. Exceed current expectations. The near billion dollar online shoe retailer Zappos.com usually surprises customers by upgrading it’s free, four-day shipping to next-day shipping. Free, four day shipping ain’t bad. But Zappos goes out of it’s way to exceed expectations and delight it’s customers.
  2. Lower current expectations. My ISP seems to have a perpetual problem. According to their automated phone system, they have been experiencing an “usually high volume of calls” for some time now. When you finally talk with someone after 15 minutes of waiting, you feel lucky. Their opportunity to over deliver comes by lowering current expectations and rising up to meet mediocrity.

It’s your choice, but if I were you I’d stick with the first option.

Happy Thursday!

One Response

  1. Thats a nice short solution

    its as easy as said..anybody who wants to be a happy guy obviously sticks to the first option only thing is that must work in all cases coz in some case, the deliveries doesnt reach the destination even after the grace period ends..


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