Some marketers are always on a diet

If you are like many people, you had a goal on January 1st to finally loose weight and get healthy. But sadly you’ve probably since abandoned your all cabbage diet or your special juice diet and you are back to your status quo. But good news though – you’ll be hard at it again next January.

Many marketers are also on perpetual diets. We diligently pursue the latest social media tool or advertising promotion and when we don’t see immediate results we run to something else – probably some interruption marketing campaign.

This will never work because diets don’t work. What we need in our business is a lifestyle – something that will guide us in all we do (and help us decide what not to do). Our lifestyle could be our remarkable customer service, our profound community involvement or our concern for green issues. Whatever lifestyle we choose to live, the right lifestyle will make the supporting tactics much more self evident and less taxing on us.

So stop dieting and create a business lifestyle. Soon enough those jeans won’t make you look fat!

Happy Monday!


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