Being economic-downturn-proof

I went to the post office this morning and waited 10 minutes past their scheduled time to open. When they did open, the employees did not apologize or even acknowledge being late but at least they were cordial.

For those of us that do not have an economic-downturn-proof job, this would never fly. With our unstable economy, we need to focus even more so on the customer – not because it will get us through the economic hard times but because it is the right thing to do (always).


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  1. This happened to me too! The guy in front of me made a comment: “They open late and have no problem closing early either!”

  2. Maria,

    So it’s not just me then 🙂

  3. This is why Congress should blow up their mail-delivery monopoly. The USPS has to face great competition in package delivery, and their service is decent. But when it comes to doing the things only they’re legally permitted to do, they act like the monopoly they are.

  4. Eric,

    Thanks for adding to the conversation. If you think about it, what is a USPS employee’s motivation to be an agent of change and over throw the status quo? There is no incentive to become remarkable so lay low and coast, right?

    So is this the fault of the USPS or their employees? In other words which came first, the lack of incentives and vision on the part of management of USPS or the lack luster employee?

  5. Bill, the attitude towards the customer will absolutely help a business get through hard times. However, it can’t be built up overnight; this one takes a while to put into play. Employee and metrics play a stong supporting role, as you point out.

    I also tend to see that companies which focus on the customer tend to hire those who are very customer-service minded (like Southwest Airlines – they call it a “warrior spirit”.

    You rock, Bill!

  6. Becky,

    Thanks for stopping by! I would agree with you – companies that are customer focused are focused on the customer in all aspects. This focus is something deep within their cultural DNA (not just a flavor of the month).

  7. […] Posted on May 19, 2008 by Bill I know my last rant about the post office hasn’t even had time to congeal yet, but I felt compelled to share […]

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