Only 20 seconds

The Deal or No Deal crew came to Utah this past weekend looking for a contestant to appear on their game show. My friend attended the event hoping for a shot – but so did 10,000 other hopefuls.

My friend told me that you each hopeful was given “only 20 seconds to tell their story.” He said those that were successful told a unique and meaningful story (most spent way too much time on the written application and not enough time on what made them stand out). If the judges liked you, you moved on to the second round where you had on 15 seconds to do your thing. After each stage you were given just a brief moment to impress the judges. My friend waited 7 hours in line and only made it to the second round.

That is a lot like the crowded marketplace we now live in. We have but a moment to impress others with out stuff. But one great difference is that in the case of the Deal or No Deal judges, it was part of their job to pay attention to you for at least a brief moment. In the real marketplace, most of us are stingy with our attention and we’re more likely to flat out ignore you than stop what we are doing and make a deal. Since the time is short, we must have a brief and compelling story to tell.

What’s your story?


2 Responses

  1. I too had a friend that tried out to be on the show, only my friend made it. He is a firefighter and realized that there hadn’t been any firefighters on the show and capitalized on it.

    When it was his turn to tell about himself that was all he talked about was protecting the community and risking his life. They ate it up. If you watch the show regularly, then you might remember the episode he was on. Everything that happened had a firefighter theme. The entered the stage by sliding down a fire pole, wearing his station uniform.

    He told a meaningful story in such a way that the judges could visualize the possibilities.

  2. Chris,

    My friend is a police officer, but did not go to the effort of dressing in uniform. I guess if you plan on standing in line for hours, you might as well come up with something great.

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