The spotlight is on Tsufit

Step Into The SpotlightLast week, I received my advanced copy of the book, Step Into The Spotlight by Tsufit. I didn’t know what to expect, but as I opened my copy I was immediately struck by the advanced praise she had received for her book – from Tom Peters, Jack Trout and Al Reis to David Meerman Scott. And let me tell you, the praise is well deserved. Tsufit delightfully packs what we can learn from show business (even some stuff from Jerry Seinfeld!) into a well-written book with a much appreciated relaxed tone.

A little background. Tsufit gave up her litigation lawyer job of 10 years to head for the stage as a comedian and singer. She quickly learned how to command the stage. She now works as a marketing consultant teaching others the principles of standing out and being a star that she learned while in show business.

Let me highlight just a few great quotes:

[Side Note: I know that John Moore uses Slideshare to review books. But I figure that I had bought enough of the books that he has recommended that I can steal borrow the idea. Also, hopefully Tsufit doesn’t mind me copying the book’s design to make these quotes.]

The book is officially out today, so

2 Responses

  1. It’s a great book. My praise was certainly deserved.


  2. You guys are making me blush!
    Bill, The slide show thing is seriously cool.
    I’m honored you took the time to quote me on Manilow.
    David, thanks for your kind endorsement as well.

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