Educational billboards

In my state of Utah, eight billboards like the one to the right were placed around downtown Salt Lake City as part of billboard recall/website traffic test.

Before the billboards went up, a telephone survey of 300 Utah respondents was conducted. At this time, 0% of respondents could recall that John Tyler was the 10th President (I am so proud). After the billboards were up for 30, 60 and in some cases 90 days, another telephone survey was conducted. This time, 48% of respondents could recall that John Tyler was the 10th President.

So what do learn from this?

  1. We must have had lame bumper stickers and gone over our cell phone minutes during this time period.
  2. There is a market for Educational Billboard Flashcards (of sorts) to help us learn the presidents of the United States while we hurdle down the freeway at 65 miles an hour.
  3. The website on the billboard states that “The 10th president of the United States will prove billboards work!” I’m sure I buy this blanket statement, but I do think this proves that puzzling (as well as interesting and remarkable) billboards can work.

By the way, Seinfeld taught me that Martin Van Buren was the 8th President. See! Seinfeld can be entertaining as well as educational. A show about nothing…I think not!


Happy Wednesday!


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