Two great ideas

  1. Andy Sernovitz turns the theory of the well known Express Lane at grocery stores upside down. He wonders why no grocery store has a “SuperLane” for those buying a cart full of groceries complete with “2 cashiers, 2 baggers, and a fresh cup of coffee waiting to get you on your way.” Why not reward those with full carts (instead of 10 items or less) and make the other lines speedier for everyone at the same time? Great idea!
  2. A great concert series is coming to Utah this weekend. It is called “Video Games Live” which mixes the orchestral video game arrangements with video game footage, synchronized lasers and lighting as well as live action play. It seems more like a rock concert than a symphony. Click here to watch a video. Great idea!

4 Responses

  1. Oh damn good idea and another blog to add to my feed reader!

    Also VGL is a great show and a great success since its legitimizing the gaming culture beyond magazines and the internet. What Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall are doing is harnessing a market of devoted fans who rarely get the love they deserve, even from the game developers.

    It was here in my city a couple of weeks ago. Damn good show, you should go see it!

  2. Thanks for sharing Andy’s idea. So obvious it hurts!

    Wouldn’t that be amazing if the “SmartLane” could be streamlined in such a way that it was even faster than all other lines together?

    Sounds a little bit like some of your past posts on friction. They do need to butter up a “SmartLane.”

  3. Ivan,

    I really like Andy’s blog. Posts are usually short but good.

    I wish I could go to VGL. The timing doesn’t work, but it looks very cool. It sounds like you went. How would you describe the atmosphere and such?

    Thanks for added in your 2 cents.

  4. Chris,

    The Butter Shave Seinfeld episode was just on a couple of days ago – too funny!

    There was a time where I did the grocery shopping for the family. We only had one kid at the time, so it wasn’t too bad. I can only imagine what it would be like to go through a checkout line with a cart full of groceries and a few ornery kids. What a great way to reduce some serious friction (as make it faster than the other lanes, as you suggest).

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