In favor of being found, part 2

[This is a continuation of a previous post.]

Many companies that set off down the road of being “found” already have a rearview mirror full of attempts of trying to be incrementally better then what is already offered. You offer a non-stop flight from New York to Dallas so I offer a non-stop flight from New York to Dallas and a bag of peanuts (Woot! I win). You offer a flight from Colorado to Oregon for $129 so I offer the same flight for $119. Back and forth we go until someone like Southwest Airlines comes along and disrupts our “dance.”

Over time, most companies eventually realize that incremental changes or simply varying the shade of grey of what is now offered will only succeed in adding more noise to an already crowded marketplace. With this realization comes the awareness that they need to do something different to be seen.

stunt.pngOne way is to use eye-catching and surprising “marketing” stunts. When these stunts are used, it’s usually not the company that is remembered but the shocking stunt or the funny one liner that is remembered. Think Super Bowl ads. How many times have you heard in the last few weeks about a funny or surprising Super Bowl ad but the person telling you about it cannot remember the company behind the ad? I know that I am getting sick of this. (Side note: I couldn’t even remember the company that paid the lady in the photo to the right $10,000 to tattoo her forehead with their company logo, but luckily I remembered the stunt so I eventually found the photo).

The only to true way to be found is to realize that it’s very difficult to get a speeding ticket on the road to success. More often than not, being found means a slower approach that first involves developing a product or service worthy of being found and customers who are ready, willing and able to talk to others about you.

So when I state, “if you are in favor (or pro) being found, then be profound”, I’m not talking about the one time explosion (or stunt) to turn a few heads. What I am talking about is having a sustained relationship with your customers coupled with a sense of purpose that will turn hearts.

Happy Wednesday!

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