Help! My company is replacing me with a doorstop!

I recently spoke with a president of an organization that when asked what his role at the company was, responded in all seriousness “too keep the doors open.” In other words, to keep organization afloat.

This unfortunately is very sad. No mention of “providing a clear and compelling direction for my staff” or “removing roadblocks for passionate service”. Nope. Just to keep the doors open. And guess what employees do when you have a “visionary leader” of this magnitude? They run.

Imagine going to a doctor to talk about laser vision correction surgery. Naturally you are nervous so you ask the doctor what are the risks? What can I expect from my vision after the surgery? And maybe most importantly, will I get dry eye to the point that I won’t be able cry when Brian Piccolo dies while watching Brian’s Song?

And imagine that after your barrage of questions all that the doctor manages to eek out is, “Don’t worry. My number one goal here is to make sure you don’t die.” Huh? That’s grand and all, but what you really wanted to know was if you would ever see well enough to play golf without contacts. I can just picture you now kindly thanking the doctor for her time, gathering your belongings and high-tailing it out of there!

When you see your job as simply maintaining the smallest allowable breath that will sustain life, you really miss a great opportunity to exhale a deep breath of passion and inspiration within the walls of your own company.

Happy Tuesday!

3 Responses

  1. Good thing he’s holding the doors open. Makes it easier to leave. 🙂

    Not to mention that , when you have that mindset, it can also be very obvious to customers.

    When keeping doors open is all you care about, it’s easy to start taking actions that slowly drive customers away, such as attaching fees here and there fees and selfish service that may keep the doors open till the end of the month, but it will keep getting harder and harder to hold them open.

  2. Chris,

    I think you are dead on here. I love your comments.

  3. […] Help! My Company is Replacing Me with a Doorstop: Too many executives see their jobs as to simply “keep the doors open.” Which is the very reason the doors are continually closing. Ubereye points out the importance of passion and vision from a business’s leaders. […]

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