Seinfeld on Marketing: Caring

It’s Friday – may all your weekend dreams come true! It’s time once again for Seinfeld on Marketing. In this episode, Jerry is talking with Elaine about his recent breakup with his girlfriend-of-the-moment Patty.

ELAINE: Whoa. What is the matter?
JERRY: It’s Patty.
ELAINE: Jerry, you break up with a girl every week.
JERRY: (Crying) What–what is this salty discharge?
ELAINE: Oh my…you’re crying.
JERRY: This is horrible! I care!

Unfortunate for Jerry, caring is more than just showing emotion. One definition of care found at is “protection or charge”.

So if we care for our customers, we will protect them. But protect them from what? It could be from selfish business decisions, unsolicited messaging, being taken advantage of or from time wasters (confusing telephone menus, long sign up pages, etc.). Basically, it boils down to what I have been discussing this week – caring means that you are concerned enough to free your customers from friction (or anything that may slow down or halt their interaction with you) and add to their journey (we’ll talk more about this next week) in a way that is meaningful to them. One good way to begin to show that you care is to listen.

Remember when you were a child and you learned to cross the street by Stopping, Looking and Listening? The same applies in business. Before you cross on to the other side and move on with your decision, its best to Stop what you are doing, Look to your customer and Listen to them before you proceed. Not listening is equivalent to reckless jaywalking – at best it’s selfish and at worst it could cause you permanent damage.

How else can you show your customer that you care?

Happy Friday!

This post is part of a weekly series, Seinfeld on Marketing.


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