Wandering Eyes

Yesterday, I wrote a post about Frictionless Marketing. In today’s post we’ll talk about one reason WHY we want to reduce friction (or anything that slows down the momentum of the customer experience.)

Last year, the family and I took a trip to Disneyland but first we made a stop in Las Vegas (coming from Utah). We knew that the traffic going from Las Vegas to California is notoriously bad on Sunday mornings so we go up early to try and beat the crowds. We blissfully moved along at Freeway speeds but than jarringly came to an unexpected halt. Unfortunately, that morning there was a terrible accident and the Interstate had to be closed down for a time. For three hours we sat in the August sun just outside of Las Vegas. For those that have not traveled this road, I can sum it up in two words – heat and sagebrush (the Nevada state flower in case you were playing along at home).

Since we weren’t moving, my eyes began to wander as I was starved for entertainment…any entertainment. I began to root for the cars that were trailblazing their own paths on the dusty side trails on the side of the Interstate – many made it but some were not so fortunate (did you know that an dirt and engines don’t mix well?). In this wanting state, I think I even started to name some of the larger sagebrush (say hi to “Jack” for me if you ever travel that way). In essence, I began to noticed things that I never would have had I been moving at a speed greater than 1/3 a mile an hour.

That is the problem with Friction. Once a customer slows down, they are given an opportunity to survey the marketplace and rethink their alternatives. We are all busy and we love to make choices only once (For example, when I buy toothpaste I go for the same one each time). But if we are forced to slow down by Friction in the experience with the product or service, we may very well choose a different path.

Most customers tend to stay loyal if you continue to give them a reason.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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