Stop copying me!

Take 10 seconds and study the following two pictures. What do you notice?:


In the picture of the left, you may have noticed the low prices or the funky store font (Anybody in the mood to do the Hustle?). In the picture on the right, I’ll bet you noticed the unusual speed limit of 7.5 MPH. What I bet you did not notice (at least on a conscious level) is the 9/10 of a cent in the gas prices.

So why do we notice the speed limit sign’s 1/2 addition and not the 9/10 addition in the gas price sign? Simple…the 9/10 is the norm in gas prices in the US and the 1/2 mile per hour is unusual.

In this fast-paced, Internet-infused world, most anything can be copied. The last refuge of remarkableness is often the company culture. Culture is much harder to duplicate than prices, business strategies or product attributes. Since remarkableness is usually an inside job, this is yet another reason to take care of those inside the walls of your organization.


3 Responses

  1. This is quite the brilliant observation! It all has to do with context and how in the right context some mundane observation becomes remarkable. It’s unexpected and the unfamiliar at work.

  2. Adelino,

    Thanks. Unexpected and unfamiliar – I like that. These are two powerful concepts that lead to discovery.

  3. Excellent. I guess you should always look at the detail and not make any assumptions.

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