Seinfeld on Marketing: the Do Over

Happy Seinfeld on Marketing Day to you all! In this episode, Jerry is going through some bad luck. He just had a bad weekend in Vermont with his girlfriend and he lost money on the stock market (oh, and Superman is Jerry’s hero):

GEORGE: I told you those trips were relationship killers. Too bad you can’t get your buddy Superman to fly around the Earth at super speed and reverse time. You’d get all the money back – you could have avoided the whole trip to Vermont.

ELAINE: Superman can go back in time?

JERRY: We went over that.

The “Do Over”. I think nothing has caused more childhood disputes then the Do Over (OK, with the possible exception being “calling Shotgun”).

You know the drill – you are happily playing baseball with the gang in the neighborhood. On your turn up to bat, you hit a whopper into left field. With laser-like precision you round the bases making sure that your turns are not too wide as to waste time but just wide enough to keep a fluid motion. Just as you’re coming in to home plate for the winning run, you trip over your friend’s sister’s cat, Mr. Marbles. As you’re on the ground reeling in pain, the ball comes sailing in and you’re tagged out. Invariably the conversation shifts to the Do Over.

When you were a child, the Do Over had very specific and powerful supremacy over space and time and we all accepted it. Sure, the Do Over’s timing may have been in question but never its validity. Thinking about it now, wouldn’t it be nice if every business person were to agree to the occasion use of the time-altering properties of the Do Over?

  • Mess up a customer’s order: Do Over
  • Talk to a coworker about the latest antics of your deadbeat boss just as he walks in: Do Over
  • Unwanted, fuzzy memories of your last Christmas office party: Do Over
  • Misspell your company name on your e-mail newsletter: Do Over

The Do Over could really come in handy. What Do Overs would you like to see?

This post is part of a weekly series, Seinfeld on Marketing.


2 Responses

  1. I love the Do-Over concept for today’s business world. A distant relative of the “That Was Easy” button of Staples fame, this would be the all-time Customer Saving process.

    Imagine, a world where something goes wring during a business transaction and the ever attentive manager reviews the days issues to identify scenarios that require a customer saving Do-Over.

    Sigh……what a great concept. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    – Brandon

  2. Brandon,

    If only we could all just agree…Thanks for stopping by.

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