What kind of Halloween personality is your business?

Does your business resemble any of these Halloween personalities?:

  • Spiderman – Your company is super-human and does all it can to be a hero and make a difference.
  • Frankenstein – After the many merges and silos of departmental solitude, your company is only a massive heap of mismatched parts that are poorly woven together to somewhat resemble a healthy company.
  • Fairy – Your company does not mind that it is not in the spotlight so long as it leaves goodness in its path.
  • Ghost – If people are really still and concentrate they may get a sense of your presence but by in large your company is invisible to everyone.

What other Halloween personalities can businesses resemble?

Happy Halloween everyone!


2 Responses

  1. Wolfman – tearing up the marketplace with the lowest prices and sales at all costs. Don’t get in my way!

    Witches – Luring you in with promises of candy then throwing you in the dungeon with no contact or follow up.

  2. John,

    Nice. Thanks for chiming in.

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