Going backwards to keep going forwards

First, if you haven’t watched this amazing college football video of Division III Trinity College vs. Millsap, go ahead and take a little break and watch this video.

The great thing about laterals is that they seem counterintuitive – you go backwards in order to keep going forwards. In reality, there are times where this is the only way to advance.

There are many laterals in business that may help you keep going forward:

  1. Firing customers. Some customers may be draining all of your resources (money, time, employee moral) and are actually holding you back. Letting these customers go can help keep you moving forward.
  2. Firing employees. At other times it’s some employees that are the dead weight. It may be their negative attitude or contentious nature that is preventing further advancement.
  3. Tighter focus. Sometimes the right backwards corrective measure is to sell your product to a more concentrated audience with more things in common and one who will truly appreciate and advocate for your product. Remember, it is better to be the hero to a few instead of invisible by all.

When your forward progress seems to have stopped, don’t forget that you have an option to go backwards in order to keep moving forwards. In the words of the flight attendant during the explanation of the emergency procedures, sometimes the nearest exit may be behind you.


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