Seinfeld on Marketing: Groups

In this episode of Seinfeld on Marketing, George is discussing with Jerry, Elaine and Kramer a comeback line (remember jerk store?) that he wants to use on a coworker that was rude to him. The gang offers George some alternative comebacks, but George likes his comeback better(“The jerk store called and they are running out of you!”):

GEORGE: (Animated) All right, all right. You see? This is why I hate writing with a large group. Everybody has their own little opinions, and it all gets homogenized, and you lose the whole edge of it. I’m going with jerk store! Jerk store is the line! Jerk store!

What I think George is trying to say is there are basically three types of groups: Consensus Groups, Frankenstein Groups and Interdependent Groups. Let me explain all three.

The first group, the Consensus Group, takes everyone’s “little opinions” and tries to come to a common ground or a consensus. The results of this group are usually safe/inoffensive/homogenized ideas.

The second group, the Frankenstein Group, is also born from everyone’s”little opinions”, but this time the group tries to create life by combining all of the opinions of the group into one idea. The results of this group are usually a disjointed patchwork of ideas.

The last group is the Interdependent Group. This group is an aggregation of independently deciding individuals who depend on each other for a common goal or purpose (think YouTube). As Lily Tomlin once put it, “We’re all in this together, by ourselves.” This groups is the one that usually harnesses the powerful potential of a group.

Le me also visually explain:


Happy Friday!

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  5. lol great post! nice ideas!

    i think im the frankestein group!


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