Change is part of the experience

GrandOpeningFor Grand Opening, change is part of the experience. As a living, breathing space, GrandOpening, morphs into a variety of small, physical spaces every few months or so.

About six months ago it was a single ping-pong table that allowed the locals to engage in a unique and entertaining table tennis experience.

Currently, it is a drive-in movie experience with a car that will seat you and 5 of your closest friends. From the looks of it, it is already booked solid.

Typically when we define the loyalty and word of mouth we throw out the word “consistency”. You must provide consistent, positive experiences in order for customer’s to want to keep coming back and to tell other people. However, GrandOpening is a great reminder that the boundary of consistency is not limited to a consistent physical space or even consistent products or services. The only limit of consistency is the overall experience you provide.

Grand Opening’s website says it all:

GrandOpening is a store.
GrandOpening isn’t afraid to change its face.
GrandOpening will have many “Grand Openings”.
GrandOpening will engage and entertain the community.
GrandOpening could be yours for a month, or two, or three.
GrandOpening might be different the next time you come by.

[Source: Boing Boing]


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