7 signs you are addicted to meetings

Ah, yes. Meetings. I feel that most meetings are just a waste of time. In fact, more often than not after the meeting I wish I could have the 30 minutes back so that I could have talked to my plant “Sam”, figured out an even trickier shot for my wastebasket basketball hoop or other meaningless tasks that are at least twice as productive as the meeting I just attended (Boy…I’m glad I got that off my chest! I feel much better now). The problem is that most meetings are controlled by “the addicted”.

Do you know folks who seem to be addicted to meetings? It’s almost as if the smell of the paper with the outlined agenda gives them a buzz (I am only kidding of course because those that are addicted to meetings rarely, if ever, have an agenda). So how do you know if someone is addicted to meetings? Here are the 7 tell tale signs:

  1. They have meetings about other meetings.
  2. They start off the meeting by asking, “Now, is this the strategic planning meeting or the budget meeting?”
  3. They move to form a subcommittee.
  4. They do not mind that the meeting started 10 minutes late.
  5. To them, canceling a meeting is like hearing “Judge Judy” went off the air (Oh , wait. That would be a good thing. My bad).
  6. Webex sends a yearly personal birthday card (to their child!)
  7. They have abbreviations for such words and phrases as “core competencies”, “synergy”, “value-added” and “think-outside-the box”.

Let’s rise up together against unneeded and unproductive meetings! Who’s with me?!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


2 Responses

  1. I agree! I was asked to attend a meeting today for something that can be easily resolved in 5 minutes over the phone! This is such a waste of time. When I suggested that we avoid the meeting and do this really quick on the phone, the person refuses. It’s like this is their hang out session. Don’t they have things to do, like work? I don’t mind meetings when they are going to be productive. But to have a meeting, where I have to drive to their office, sit in their waiting room and begin the meeting late because someone is taking their time %$#@! that!!! We live only once and why waste it on such $#@!

  2. @Meeting,

    I feel your pain!

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