Show me that you love me

This may be a typical conversation in a personal relationship:

Person A: I’m not sure that you love me anymore.
Person B: I tell you all the time that I love you.
Person A: You say that you love me but I want you to show me that you love me.
Person B: How can I do that?
Person A: You can start by… (a long list is given)

A customer/company relationship is one where you must also show your customers that you love them. Advertising and other marketing collateral alone is only telling them. To show them, you must:

  1. demonstrate that you understand what “value” means to them.
  2. listen.
  3. never slack on the little things (because there are no little things).
  4. astonish them once in awhile.
  5. write them a “love letter” telling them what they mean to you.
  6. think about them more then you think about your company.
  7. talk to them.

What else can we do to keep the love alive?


3 Responses

  1. […] a GREAT marketing tactic.  After all, an essential element in making the Major Sale is to develop TRUST, and articles are a great way to demonstrate your expertise and build […]

  2. Bill, so very true. This is the reason I left Sprint cell service more than a year ago. They weren’t bad. They said all the right things, but they never showed it.

    Indifference is the worst thing you can lavish on your customers.

  3. Darrin,

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I find that indifference breeds indiffernce. If many customers are indifferent to you, it is most likely becuase you are indiffernt to them.

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