Will there be an iPhone uproar?

iphone.pngIn all the hoopla of Steve Jobs introducing many new faces to the iPod lineup at Apple’s “The Beat Goes On” event, he also did something very interesting. He apparently kicked the 4 Gig iPhone to the curb and dropped the price on the 8 Gig from $599 to $399. This was met with much applause. But as the day is now over, it may begin to sink in for these Apple loyalists that got the iPhone early (probably many in attendance at this event) what this means.

It was just over two months ago (June 29th) that many die-hards camped out for their iPhone. Many were met with setup and activation headaches. The Apple brand being strong as it is, it was able to work through these kinks. But here are my questions:

Will this satisfaction of being an early adopter be enough to satisfy these loyalists or is the $200 price drop too early? Will these very Apple loyalists demand something back from Apple? Or is this a non-issue? What do you think?

UPDATE: Appearently there was an uproar of many iPhone users who complained. In an open letter from Steve Jobs, he said they “apologize for disappointing some of [the iPhone owners]” and is offering a $100 in-store credit that can be used at AT&T or the Apple Store. For those iPhone owners, does this work for you?


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