Experience over appearance

curtain.pngLet’s face it. We are all very busy. We don’t have time to seek out every option that will help solve our problems. If a new kind of toothpaste is introduced, I will likely ignore it because I solved my toothpaste problem many years ago (and more than likely, so did you).

But consciously or unconsciously we are looking for something… we are looking for authenticity and trust. If marketers violate this rule of authenticity and trust by using the “man behind the curtain” diversionary tactic and try desperately to appear to be more than who they are, they will only succeed in driving away customers faster than ever before.

The rule is: show us what your brand is, not just what you say it is.

If I want to be the highlight of the party, I wouldn’t hand out my business card and a brochure explaining why I am funny. No, I would show people that I am the life of the party by being the life of the party.

Remember: It’s not the customer appearance that’s important; it’s the actual customer experience that counts.

Happy Wednesday!


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