Seinfeld on Marketing: Using Comparisons

What do you do if someone is unfamiliar with your product or service and you market something that must be experienced (like a massage or skydiving) or is highly technical for the non-user (like SEO or biometric security products)? How might you explain your product or service to someone who is unfamiliar?

Let’s look to Seinfeld for the answer. Allow me to set the stage. George and Kramer are in search of a new wheelchair for a friend. They enter a store that sells wheelchairs:

Salesman: This is out best model. The Cougar 9000. It’s the Rolls Royce of wheelchairs. This is like… you’re almost glad to be handicapped.

emphasis added

Besides being crass, the wheelchair salesman teaches us a great marketing lesson. George and Kramer had never (up to this point) used a wheelchair (later on George uses a motorized wheelchair to keep a job, but that is a topic for a much later discussion). The salesman used a product that George and Kramer were familiar with (a Rolls Royce) and compared it to his product. Using this comparison, George and Kramer did not actually have to experience the wheelchair to understand its benefits compared to other wheelchairs.

Do you have a product or service that is not easily explained? Try using a comparison.

Side Note: If you market the product that others use to explain their product, then give yourself a gold star on the forehead!

Happy Friday!

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