Ross the Intern meets the Subservient Chicken

rosschickenmashup.pngQuestion: What do you get when you cross the internship of Jay Leno’s Ross the Intern with the interactive obedience of Burger King’s Subservient Chicken?

Answer: You get Trevor from the latest social media experiment from Mentos.

Trevos is a student at the University of Cincinnati and is a summer intern for Mentos. On the website he is described as “a summer intern for everyone” meaning you get to fill up his day with stuff to do. Some suggestions are: “order you lunch”, “call you in sick to work”, “proofread your term paper” and “catch you up on your favorite TV shows”.

I think that given the target audience this could work. What do you think? Is this breaking down the barrier between customers and company or is this just a gimmick that will not produce any fonder feelings or better sales for Mentos?