Should some marketers not worry about creating customer relationships?

vendors.jpgIt’s July. In the U.S., often times this means parades. I have seen a couple of parades this season and this got me think about parade marketing and selling. During these parades, I saw many vendors selling cotton candy, bottled water, shade umbrellas and so much more. These vendors did not seem to have any affiliation with a brick-and-mortar or online store nor did they have a set location in which to vend; they simply walked up and down the parade route along with their mobile “store”. I am guessing that once the parade is over, they either go home satisfied with the couple of bucks that they have made or they move on to the next parade.

Help me out here: Should these vendors (or any company that seems to only sell “convenience” for that matter) concern themselves with creating long-term relationships with their customers? Is there ever a time when creating relationships with customers does not make sense? Is there a way for these vendors to create loyal customers? What do you think?