The Grandma test

A big thanks to Jeffrey Gitomer, sales and customer service guru, for this one!

One of best self-tests that I have come across to gauge your conversations with your customers is called the “Grandma test”.

Try putting the word “Grandma” in your typical messages tconversations with your customers:

  1. “That’s not my job, Grandma.”
  2. “It’s against company policy, Grandma.”
  3. “Thank you for your feedback, Grandma.”
  4. “I’m sorry, what was your name again Grandma?”
  5. “You’ll have to call back later, Grandma.”
  6. “What seems to be the problem, Grandma?”
  7. “Like I said, Grandma, you’ll have to…”
  8. ”I will take care of that right away, Grandma.”
  9. “We are currently experiencing a large call volume. Please continue to hold, Grandma.”
  10. “This is the wrong line. You’ll have to wait in that line, Grandma.”

If it sounds ridiculous to say it to your own Grandma, then why say it to your customers? (If you are playing at home, #3 and #8 pass the “Grandma test”.)

Happy Monday everyone!