We really don’t know what we want

This is part three in a part five series about choices. Click here for part one and two.

The second dilemma of choice is we really don’t know what we want. Or at least we don’t think we do. However, one thing is for sure – no one wants to feel like they are being coerced or forced into a decision. But I do believe we want to be lead down a well-marked path of discovery. I believe that this path includes:

  1. A well-managed number of choices. Too much choice and we tend to freeze, too little choice and we tend to feel that there must be something else out there and we go searching.
  2. A quick way to differentiate between similar products. A “Good-Better-Best” ranking works very well.
  3. A bestseller list of the most popular items.
  4. An easy way to have consumers share with other people what they have found.
  5. A guarantee or free trial to limit buyer’s remorse.
  6. An easy to follow call to action of what you would like the consumer to do next.

The better that we can mark the path for consumers so that they can make choices more easily and limit their fear on making the wrong choice, than we will actually speed up the decision process and make the consumer feel more satisfied. What is your well-marked path?


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