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justoak2.jpgThis is Broken has a reminder for us. Adding “and more” to your product line is very tempting. After all, if your store is called “Just Oak”, aren’t you limiting your product line and who will want to buy your stuff? Wouldn’t it be much better to be called “Just Oak and More” and sell more than just oak? Many people seem to think so. If you Google the phrase “and more” and you’ll get over 800,000 hits (if you Google “and much, much more” you get 1.4 million hits!)

Can you imagine a mother saying, “I have two children and more”? No, of course not. This seems silly (and cruel!). Just as we cannot imagine this scenario, we should never imagine that adding “and more” products will better our company. You see, the problem with “and more” is that it distracts us from the core of our business (the “Just Oak”) and causes us to spread ourselves thin on many different things at once (and quite poorly might I add). We cannot effectively focus on the core and the “and more” at the same time. The “add more” usually doesn’t get the attention it deserves and it suffers and taking the core along with it.

It’s okay (and even preferable) to be a “Just Oak” kind of company. Focus on one thing and do it very well. Don’t let “and more” get it in the way of your core business.


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  1. […] Posted by bdunc1 on June 25th, 2007 I confess: the phrase “Targeting, and More!” is an oxymoron, as Ubereye points out in this excellent post. […]

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