MediocropolisThere is a city where plenty of companies take up residence. It is the Metropolis of Mediocrity (the locals just call it “Mediocropolis” for short). Every company in Mediocropolis “fits in” because they have so much in common with their neighbors. So much so, that often times the travelers who stop to ask for directions on their way to their final destination cannot tell anyone apart.

Most locals end up in Mediocropolis because of how easy it is to get there. In fact, to get there all you need to do is turn on your cruise control and stay on the road that you are traveling (be sure not to make any left or right turns or heaven forbid, a U-turn) and soon enough you’ll just sort of end up there. Easy enough ain’t it?

The locals usually say that they stay in Mediocropolis because of how “safe” it feels. The truth is though that Mediocropolis is not safe at all. In fact, it has the highest death rate. But no one seems to notice this because as soon as one company dies, some other company just like it moves in its place. Because everyone is so similar, no one seems to care.

My advice… stay as far away from Mediocropolis as you possibly can. On the path to your destination, take frequent corrective-measures. Sure, you’ll get plenty of “Wish You Were Here” postcards along your way from many of the locals of Mediocropolis. Just ignore them. You’re off to something better. Besides, the food in Mediocropolis is just so-so.


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