Building a better error message

While trying to plan a family vacation, I came across the following error page on the homepage of a movie theater:

(Click to enlarge image)

If I were the hosting company, I would make a few changes:

  1. Attitude – Come back tomorrow? What about the hosting company being proactive and calling the website owner when this shows up on their site.
  2. Contact – E-mail support. There is no e-mail address on the error message. How do I contact them?
  3. Audience – This message was written for the website owner. This is okay, but the majority of the visitors to the website will be surfers. What can I do as a visitor to the website to take action?

Bonus: Go have fun for a moment and create your own customized Windows error message here.


3 Responses

  1. Darren,

    Thanks. I think this is an example of “good enough”. However, to be truly remarkable you need to take a proactive approach and realize that your customer’s success is your success. (By the way, the error message is still up).

  2. Was ist das?

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