Seth Godin is coming to Utah!

It appears to be official! According to Seth Godin’s blog, he is coming to Utah on May 24th from 1 PM – 4PM. Here are details:

Seth Godin, the Marketing Guru will share his latest insight in marketing & talk about his latest book “The Dip”.

The cost is $50 per person, which includes 5 free copies of his latest book. Or you can buy 5 copies of his book for $50 and hear him speak for free (you decide).

Come early to network with others. See you there!


Be a Johnny

I ran across this simple, yet effective video about how everyone in your company can make a difference.

Great service comes from the heart.

I’m back

I was in Disneyland the past week on vacation. The kids loved it and we had a blast. (A side note, when your kids come along I think it’s called a “trip” and when it is just you and your spouse it is called a “vacation”). Anyway, it will be good to get back to blogging.