Searching the web for feedback

If you don’t regularly search the blogosphere and web for customer feedback, you should. Many times customers are having conversations online with other customers (or potential customers) instead of giving you the feedback directly. Take for example this feedback I found at ThisIsBroken.Com:

I love Arizona Green tea, but every single bottle I buy has the exact same problem – there is just slightly too much tea in every bottle.

So much that there is actually tea inside the cap on the top; there’s not even any air bubbles inside the bottles at all! When the cap is removed, of course the excess tea spills out, and I’ve never had this not happen.
Arizona Tea

This also makes it difficult to pour the first glass of tea without spilling even more!

If their tea wasn’t so good, I wouldn’t buy it anymore.

Search our online what consumers are saying about your product or service and respond when necessary. Listening to customers in this manner is inexpensive and very productive.