Five things you can learn about a company by its employee parking lot

I think you can tell a lot about a company by its employee parking lot. Below are five attributes of an employee parking lot and what is says about the company:

  1. Clean – The company cares about attention to detail.
  2. Dirty – If the parking lot is dirty but the other outside areas of the building are clean, the company cares more about the perceived customer appearance than the actual customer experience. If both the parking lot and the other outside areas are dirty, the company simply doesn’t care.
  3. Empty at 5:01 PM – Employees are clock punchers and hate their jobs. Time to check the pulse of the company culture.
  4. Contains a lot of out of state license plates – This could go either way: either the company is hiring the best employees wherever it can find them or the company has a bad reputation in its own state.
  5. Cars are backed into the stalls – Employees are preparing for the fast getaway (refer to item 3)

Tip: If you are applying for a job at a company, arrive a few minutes early and check out their employee parking lot. It may tell you a lot about the company before you even step a foot in the door.


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  1. […] and your packaging) all the way to the things that we don’t always consider (your letterhead, the look of your employee parking lot, the courteousness of your receptionist, your hours of operation, the thickness of your customer […]

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