Customer service priorities

I was at my local Home Depot last Friday night. I could not readily find what I was looking for so I stopped at the Customer Service Desk to ask for directions (I know, not a typical “guy thing”).

When I got to the desk there were three of us waiting: there was “special-order-guy” who was picking up his special order of 100 items but only received 97, “Home-Depot-credit-card-lady” who wanted to apply for a Home Depot credit card to get some sort of deal, and me.

For whatever reason, it seemed to take a while to help “special-order-guy”. Just when it seemed like we had been ignored just a bit too long, I saw another customer service employee approach the desk to help save the day…or so I thought. The “no-eye-contact-employee” pulled out a binder, made a few scribbles and then left us stranded.

When I finally approached the desk, I just had to find out what was inside the all-important binder that trumped our chance of help. As I peered over the desk computer, I saw a page entitled “Store Closing Procedures” (or something close to that). Here it was 50 minutes before the store was to close for the night and the employee’s number one priority seemed to be going through the steps to close the store for the night instead of helping us poor saps. (As a side note, maybe the first store closing procedure should be “Help all customers”).

Okay, I’ve worked retail and I know how important closing the store on a Friday night can seem. But at the very least, you should hide the Store Closing Procedures binder for the view of the customers. On the other end of the spectrum, helping customers would be nice.


2 Responses

  1. For some reason I am not surprised. I cannot remember the last time I had some good service at Home Depot. Once I almost feared that a salesperson would smack me over the head for showing interest in a lawn mower that was not self propelled.
    It comes to show that bad staffing practices sooner or later bear fruit.

  2. Adelino,

    That’s too bad about your experience. I had high hopes that things may turn around now that the old CEO, Robert Nardelli, is out. Maybe changes will come but it may just take more time. I guess we’ll see.

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