The 4 E’s of happy employees

The best way that I have found to keep employees happy is to make sure they have a healthy dose of the four E’s:

  1. Education. A business that is not learning (and applying) is a business that is shrinking. The business learns as its people learn. Give your employees the opportunities to learn – industry conferences, books, blogs (of course), mentoring, role-playing and involvement in new product offerings…anything to keep your employee’s minds sharp. An educated mind breeds productivity, creativity, and confidence. A stagnant mind breeds boredom, indifference, and employee turnover.
  2. Engagement. Involve your employees in something bigger than just themselves. An engaged employee brings purpose and meaning to work. This in turn drives their satisfaction, the satisfaction/engagement of the customer and ultimately the company’s growth and profits.
  3. Empowerment. Empowerment is the intersection of information, skill and authority. Give your employees the information to make decisions, opportunities to practice their problem-solving skills and the authority to do what is in the best interest of customers and employees…then get out of their way!
  4. Enrichment. Saying “thank you”, expanding responsibilities, giving a hand written note, implementing feedback, offering bonuses, and making surprise moments all add to the value of the employee experience. Learn to give back more than you take.

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