Doubting the value of my “ed-u-kay-shun”

I was browsing on the website of my alma mater the other day. What I saw shocked me and made me doubt the value of my university education. The following actual statements are found on faculty member’s web pages on my alma mater website (from the School of Business). I do not want to embarrass anyone, so I have purposefully left out the name of my university and the faculty members:

“I am interested in theory and reasearch methods…”

“From there, i was invited to a Doctoral program at Columbia University, but turned them dow to attend Harvard on full scholarship.”

“My students recieve the exact same training the exectutives from Firtune 500 Companies recieve.”

Wow! Can you believe it! I counted 7 spelling mistakes in only about 5 minutes of browsing. (Maybe this is where I got my bad spelling habits??) My heart couldn’t take it any more and I had to stop browsing. Now that I have blogged about it, I feel a little better.

Should I ask for a refund?!

[UPDATE: 5/1/07 Over three months and no change. I was in e-mail communication with the Marketing and Public Relations Manager for the School of Business over three months ago- but still no change. Maybe they will care soon.]

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