Seth Godin’s vision of the web

Seth Godin has an awesome post about his vision of the web. He calls it Web4. What is Web4 you ask? Seth says it’s “about making connections, about serendipity and about the network taking initiative”. A few of my favorite ideas from Seth about how Web4 could be are:

I’m late for a dinner. My GPS phone knows this (because it has my calendar, my location, and the traffic status). So, it tells me, and then it alerts the people who are waiting for me.

My PDA knows I’m going to a convention. Based on my email logs, it recommends who I ought to see while I’m there–because my friends have opted in to our network and we’re in sync.

I’m about to buy something from a vendor (in a store with a smart card or online). At the last minute, Web4 jumps in and asks if I want it cheaper, or if I want it from a vendor with a better reputation. Not based on some gamed system, but based on what a small trusted circle believes.

Another idea I would add is:

Its Friday night. I am bored. My GPS phone knows that a few of my friends are available because it knows their schedules as well. My phone recommends a place to meet based on our GPS location, hang out wait times and our previous chat conversations, and sends out the invites to my friends. Once we decide where to go, my phone sends out a reservation alerting the club/restaurant/hang-out spot that we are coming.

What are your ideas for Web4?


6 Responses

  1. Working in a tight group! Shared attention, and collaboration.

  2. Perhaps Web4 could tell me if my favourite football team is going to win or lose tomorrow? That would be time saving and lucrative.

    More feasible………….a single devise for payment / loyalty, music, web, phone, opening doors, ID, gaming, working as well as;

    …….Telling me which cab firm to call based on WIFI and GPS

    …….Telling me where the free spaces are in the car park, as I drive in. In fact better than that. As the car drives me in.

    …….Telling me which offers there are in each store, as I walk through their door

    …….Telling where all my friends are, at any point in time

    …….Telling me when the fridge needs filling, and facilitating the order on my command

    …….all products for purchase geographically mapped

  3. Great ideas! Hopefully this future is near.

  4. Wow! This is the future, nothing is impossible! How soon will it be is time factor? Technology advancement is so fast that we need to continue learning, in order to keep pace and not left out.

  5. But don’t forget about the privacy problem. This mean the product know all bout u. What happen if it is been hacked. hehe

  6. everything has its own drawback, At start lot of people worries abt their privacy on web.. Now everything is fine.. Our life moves on to “Intelligent age….” it goes faster ++faster ++(++faster)) …

    We have to adapt it..

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