A broken business

I have been trying to fix a constantly running toilet for the last few days. It seemed as though whatever I did, I could not get it to stop running. Then I had an idea: ‘Why not compare it to another toilet in the house that is working?’ After comparing the two toilets, I immediately saw the problem.

The same goes for business. If something in your business is broken, looking at it in isolation may not help you find the solution to fix it. You may need to look at another process that is working (even outside your own industry) to find a solution.

[For those that were wondering, my toilet problem was caused by a warped flapper…(cue the cricket sounds and the tumble weeds!)]


2 Responses

  1. Bill,

    Great post!

    When we were in the mall, I thought it would be interesting to have two kiosks side by side: one that we would spend a lot of effort on, and the other, neglect as much as possible. Just to see the comparison– I think it’d be interesting.

    Carolynn D.

  2. Carolynn,

    That would be cool. Expensive, but cool none the less! Thanks for visiting!!

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